Monday, December 19, 2005

Torture? at a level similar to training for some branches of US Armed Forces

"The Jihadi captured in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan is an unlawful combatant. Why? Because he cheated. He hid behind civilians, he targeted civilians and he eliminated the distinction between himself as a legitimate target and the innocent people around him. He’s also had the habit of waving the white flag of surrender or acting as if he’s dead before he shoots our guys. This entitles him to absolutely nothing under the Geneva Convention.

As Americans, though, we treat unlawful combatants as well if not better than any POWs in the history of warfare. In the case of Guantanamo, for example, terrorists who would otherwise be killing or plotting to kill are guaranteed three “culture friendly” meals a day, prayer rugs and Korans, five broadcasts of Muslim prayer each day, painted arrows pointing to Mecca in each cell, access to a Jihadi library and superb medical care. The Pentagon spends $12.68 a day to feed prisoners at Gitmo compared to $8.85 a day to feed U.S. soldiers deployed to the Middle East."

Bush: Congressional Leaders Were Briefed on Eavesdropping Program

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Etowah "indian" mounds in GA

GA State Park site

Cade's Cove in Tennessee

my aunt and I took notes about the gravestones here

"Hubble Spots Possible Youngest Galaxy"

The galaxy, named I Zwicky 18, might have been born as recently as 500 million years ago -- about the time complex life began to appear on Earth.

another gallery

Ice World

ok, cheesy...

pics sent to by readers

"Lupins bloom in Spring around the shores of Lake Tekapo, South Island, New Zealand."

hiking to Ontario Peak in Southern California

"Sudan bars Darfur atrocity probe"

The subject link story is current, but the pic and story of trek are from early summer (it refers to the trek's expected end in July). anyway, I couldn't resist the picture of the baby name Aisha.

picture gallery

Some 6,000 people are currently trekking about 400km through the forests of southern Sudan to return home, following a deal to end a 21-year war.

They fled their homes in Raga four years ago with rebel fighters after an offensive from the Sudanese army and ended up in a camp near Tambura.

They are going through the forests, because they say the main routes are too dangerous because of minefields and collapsed bridges.

After a night spent under the rain when the truck she was travelling in got stuck in an overflowing stream, Hamida Abdulzarik, 20, has finally managed to cross Busseri River with her two youngest children.

Hamida's youngest child, Aisha, was born during this trek - four weeks ago. "She is healthy but the birth was very difficult," she said. "Labour lasted six hours. We have midwives in our group who helped me." At least 14 children have been born since the group started their long march at the end ofApril.

"Archeologist unveils ancient Maya mural" illustrating the birth of the cosmos

the leader of the excavation is named Saturno.

NG story

physconect siphonophore

today's news that's important to me

As if that matters

"Europe's farms vs. free trade"

"Fracas over home seizures moves to states"

"Australians Try to Quell Racial Violence"

"Holocaust comments spark outrage"

"South Africa ready to ban 'degrading' virginity tests"

"Time Asia plays its part, says India"

"Israel kills four Gaza militants in air strike"

"Political opponents of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon cashed in on comments by a senior aide that Sharon is willing to concede parts of Jerusalem and 90 percent of the West Bank for peace with the Palestinians"

U.S. "Treasuries Gain; Slower Inflation May Spur Fed to Pause"

"The Truth On the Ground"

Iraq prepares for historic election

"Police Seize Forged Ballots Headed to Iraq From Iran"

that story wasn't true:
"Iraq border chief denies forged ballots seized"

"Bush admits Iraq flub"

"U.S., EU trade criticism at WTO meeting"

thanks to google news, neal boortz, and drudge

Howard Finster, the Reverend

My parents used to take me to his house. What a maze...

other places I love

Athens music logo

hell yeah


found these pictures of Troy by searching for 280.

on the road...

San Andreas Lake

Bay Area 3D image tour!!

I feel so blessed to be able to commute on the 280! I didn't know it had actually been voted "prettiest hwy." check out the subject line link for a neat little lesson about the land.

Aerial 280/Bay Area photos

I want to jump around in the Mario hills!

Father Junipero Serra

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