Sunday, June 15, 2008

'Irresponsible mavericks' that the Irish are, they tripped up the progression toward world government!!

article via Ireland Independent

I'm so glad that Irish voters stuck it to the EU regarding the Lisbon Treaty, saying they would not help push through a new, streamlined Union. I wish that one of the_United_States could still reject the bull.

Here's the cause of the 53% "Nay," according to an Irish gov't 'insider':

'People are deeply worried about their own futures, and they felt that the whole Lisbon thing took no heed of their predicament.

'Clearly, they took the opportunity to give us a kick. It may seem irrational, but since when were people supposed to behave rationally all the time?'

Did he really just make fun of the poor stupid commoners trying to kick their masters because of their economic hardship!!?? Certainly personal want has something to do with it, but maybe it's also that people realize how stupid it is to continue submitting to increasingly larger and more distant bodies of power.

Not to mention how 'irrational' it is for Ireland to pay taxes to the EU, to be doled out at their kind discretion. Obviously the politician who convinces that 3.1% gets big perks from the EU.

Remember Kojo Annan to name just one of many evil leeches that show how irrational centralization of government is (past a point. like my fence)!

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Neighborhood Watch

There has been random and thus far, mild "suspicious activity" in our Duluth neighborhood, and the circumstances are not good. Responsible citizens who care about removing thugs from the neighborhood were treated rudely by the police. I certainly didn't see any police or seemingly undercover cars patrolling on my way home tonight, and the following story would definitely warrant that from a body of authority with our interest in mind.

This excerpt is from an e-mail sent to our neighborhood watch list.
A silver car, license plate...fuzzy dice hanging from the front mirror containing 3 young men slumped down in the car were parked on...the...block this morning. I could just tell they were up to nothing good.

I slowed down as I drove by them to let them know they were noticed. They didn't look happy. I went around the block because I was uncomfortable. When I passed by them again, they pulled out and tail gated me to [a second street] where they sped off as I continued down [the street]. When I pulled out onto the main road towards Buford, they passed me and I was behind them. They sped up and cut through the Citgo and stopped in the exit and waited for me to go by. They then tailgated me but backed off and pulled into the next subdivision north of us.

Please let everyone know to be aware. I know these people were trouble.

Well, just now, I got a call from my wife who said the police were at our door and the guy demanded she step outside. She was still in her night clothes. He was being, in her words, 'an asshole.' I'm sure he was afraid of the big dogs, but there was no reason for his behavior. He said he couldn't reach me on my cell - which could be because I'm now at work and it's in my car.

Anyway, she called me to find out what was going on, but the cop left before she could get her clothes on. I have a call into the sergeant.

This is the 2nd time I've heard of police being rude to people in the neighborhood when all we are trying to do is be good citizens. I'm shaking I'm so angry.

My friends told me about when they were robbed - at 9 pm, at gunpoint - through their front door, in a Lawrenceville middle class suburb.

Now, I've never had to face real crime around my residence, living in fear like so many folks do, but I know that I don't want to live in a community where the police can't wait long enough to hear this kind of story.

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

R.E.M and my mama's latest

My mom's been putting together a lot of little videos that rock. This is a montage of family photos to the tune of "Accelerate" from R.E.M.'s new album. Which is okay compared to mid-late 90's R.E.M.

This video has been deleted b/c of copyright issues

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