Monday, March 29, 2010

Robin Hood doesn't play by the Rules...

I have a close family member who is a CPA with her own practice. She and I mostly agree about the situation our country faces, therefore I'm sure she would not mind being forced to apply her meticulous bookkeeping skills to any data that doesn't involve the IRS (because it won't exist anymore!).

Many times over the years, clients have asked her to help them hide income or information for their own benefit. After she refused, a couple of them were even caught in their fiscal immorality and served long sentences.

The most recent case like this was last Monday, the day after the health care bill passed in the house. It was her fourth meeting with new clients whom she thought were neat restaurant owners. Turns out they timidly revealed that they'd hired her to hide income and also manipulate paperwork to get financial aid for the daughter of two illegal aliens they employed.

They were also overjoyed at the move towards socialized medicine. Staunch Obama "Change" supporters. So what they're saying is that everyone - just by virtue of being alive - should be cared for by their government via the forceful theft of assets, EVEN THOUGH some people evade paying what they "should," all the while voting in politicians who will increase the rate of taxation for the honest people who comply with our warped system. The hypocrisy speaks for itself. Needless to say, this was their last meeting. And knowing her, she probably gave them a wonderfully horrible bubble bursting. Robin Hood can only hide his Bling from the peasants as long as his accountant lets him.

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