Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Drivin 'N' Cryin '87 - via vlscpa@youtube

by Dave Sims - my pop
"All Rights Reserved, All Wrongs Reversed"

Rock n roll.

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gotta get on the bus

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Now there's no more oak oppression, For they passed a noble law, And the trees are all kept equal

Rush and Ayn Rand.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

"Obama's Double-Talk"

via Reason

Great article.

"Fidel Castro to Congressional Black Caucus members: 'How can we help President Obama?'"

Via LA Times blogWow. They are the "only delegation from America that has ever met with President Castro." On her site Barbara Lee (D-CA) says "The purpose of the visit is to discuss bilateral relations and review policies related to trade and commerce with Cuba, and discuss cultural, health and academic exchanges." Mel Watt (D-NC), Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), Marcia Fudge (D-OH), Michael Honda (D-CA), and Laura Richardson (D-CA) also met in Cuba.

See a video of Marcia Fudge speaking after returning from Cuba. She says the Castro brothers and Cuban ministers "want us to understand and respect that they run a nation the way they believe is best, and that there is no one way to run a country, there is no one way that people should live. So I certainly hope that we would think about that as we think about our policy."

Funny that the National Black Caucus is so easy to forgive Fidel Castro - a leader who has imprisioned, slaughtered, and tortured citizens of Cuba - and so slow to forgive the "oppressive white Right" for their "racist" capitalism - which is inherently freer than Communism. I wonder how Fidel would have dealt with the Civil Rights movement if it were in his country.

Rep. Marcia Fudge talks about Cuba

In this video with Barbara Lee, you can tell she's really excited to have met the Great Leader.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

"A Guide to Getting Through Tough Economic Times" - compliments of American taxpayers

More crap for anyone who wants the government to be their MOMMY.

Help Wanted....

I just saw an ad on myspace, of all places, recruiting police officers.

Isabella Rosselini's Environmental Efforts

Green Porno

Twisted Protests

I shiver as I read that global leaders will have sealed their financial plans within HOURS from the publication of this article, via the UK Guardian

It's sad that people don't realize that abolishing capitalism and free markets IS NOT the way to accomplish their goals of rights for "the people," for which they claim to march. They are so reflexively anti-business and anti-banker that they can't understand how stupid it is to want power to be transferred to the governement.

And how disrepectful it is to damage property?
Maybe I'm a wimpy liberty activist, but unless there's actually an organized attack to prove a concise (and sensical) point, violent behavior to people & objects is damn stupid. It won't have accomplished anything except as an outlet for these kids to make themselves martyrs when they are jailed.

And "Abolish Money?" (from the video in the Guardian article) what medium do you propose we trade? Love and sparkly government fairy dust? Don't ask the WORLD government to be your mommy, that's just what they want. Foolish.

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