Saturday, February 13, 2010

On being thankful for the revival of my freedom loving side.

I have recently become re-involved in our country's future, after yet another brief stint of working 80 hour weeks only to find that the fruits of my labor - my fiat currency - continues to be slowly stolen in various manners by devices of power hungry maniacs as they manipulate the dumb masses into being taken care of.

My frustration led me to befriend local TEA Party organizers while serving them Italian food less than a month ago. After we had met for lunch and shared passionate and similar ideas, Joyce Barrett of the TEA Party of Gilmer County asked me to help rouse more support among young people in North Georgia to speak out against the federal government's overhaul of our futures.

Our solution was to bring together the Young Patriots of Gilmer County with the help of the TEA Party. The first meeting will be held after the monthly meeting of the TEA Party of Gilmer county: Tuesday, Feb. 16th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in Ellijay's First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall (Ellijay, GA) Local journalist Whitney Crouch of the Ellijay Times-Courier published an article about our meeting, and I've done everything else I can to get the word out. So we're very excited, and hope that you join us!

So on to the thanks: Thank you to the local TEA Party supporters who have led me back into activism.

And through them, I learned of a gentleman who has become a special inspiration to many people across the country: Matthew Perdie of perdiefilms, who is currently in Texas on a walk from New York to California to protest massive federal government spending. Check out this particularly eloquent explanation from his pilot episode of the youtube movies of his trip:

"If our country adopts a large socialistic government, we are looking at the destruction of capitalism in the very country that created it. If we can't uphold the freedom-based economic system that our country invented, why would we expect other countries to? We might be dealing with a global collapse of capitalism. I can't let that happen. As long as there is something I can do, I won't stop."

In an episode about Charleston, S.C., I found inspiration in the words of a young fellow in the Service. He tells his version of "Scotland's Economic History" to Matthew in the street.

At one point in time one out of every three ships in the world on the seas was built in Glasgow shipyard. So it was all based on maritime...industry, and it was the most productive maritime city on the face of the planet. It was the second city of the empire, effectively.

After WWII and the government began socializing the industry, basically all of that kind of went down the drain. The government couldn't run the industry as well as the...private sector had. And they began having to provide more and more services as a result of having nationalized the industry. And soon all the industry just shut down completely because it was redundant. There was no need for it. Everything that they were doing was obsolete, so...

Right now you've got about four or five generations that were raised on social welfare, and as a result the lifestyle of those people and their general wellbeing is abyssmal. The average life expentancy in the slums of Glasgow for males in some places is 56 years old, which is worse than the bad parts of Baghdad. It's lower than most third world countries.

And the chance of you getting out of that poverty and actually succeeding is so much harder, because Socialism basically traps them in to this cycle of...get your welfare check, get your rent paid for, get your food stamps, and then what do they do with their money? They either take it out and use it to buy drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or they spend it on things that they don't need because that's kind of what the media tells them they need. so it...kind of turns everybody there into robots, in a sense. And there is no good that has come of it, as far as I can see. The worst thing that Scotland's done to itself is socialized.

Sound familiar? More proof to me that educated youth lurks everywhere. And there are all different kinds of expertise.

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